Diet Myths! Learn How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off!

Here are the top biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about weight loss.
  • All “Calories” Are Equal. ...
  • Losing Weight is a Linear Process. ...
  • Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight. ...
  • Obesity is About Willpower, Not Biology. ...
  • “Eat Less, Move More” is Good Advice. ...
  • Carbs Make You Fat. ...
  • Fat Makes You Fat.
  • People With Obesity Are Unhealthy, Thin People are Healthy
  • Weight Loss Diets Actually Work
  • “Diet” Foods Can Help You Lose Weight
Weight Loss is a lifestyle disease. To address this you need to make changes to your lifestyle permanently. We don't need to follow strict diets or any diets to lose weight. Every Individual is different and everybody is different, There are many reasons which contribute to weight gain.
  • Wrong Eating Habits
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Skipping Meals
  • Starvation to Lose Weight In an Unhealthy Way
  • Following anything or Everything to Lose Weight
  • Avoiding Good Fats to Burn Fat
  • Intake of Too Much of High Carb Rich Food
  • No Balanced Meals
  • No Discipline in Eating Food
  • No Understanding of the Right Science behind the Weight Loss.

    Go through this video to understand the common mistakes we do and what we need to make changes so that we just don't lose mind to lose weight but also understand how we can keep that weight off even after losing it!

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Lose Belly Fat Faster with Natural Turmeric Daily Detox Drink

Lose belly fat with this quick weight loss detox drink. It's an instant belly fat burner. Turmeric and ginger is an effective remedy for weight loss. Turmeric helps to lose belly fat and is an instant belly fat burner.

Turmeric also known as the queen of spices, boosts immunity, helps to fight depression, gives relieves from joint pain, and melts abdomen fat faster. Adding pepper to this drink helps the curcumin to absorb faster into the body. You can increase turmeric quantity slowly from 1/3 to 1/2 tsp. Turmeric has an earthy flavour which you will start liking in no time.

Water: 250 ml
Cinnamon: 1/2 inch
Ground pepper: 1/4 tsp
Turmeric: 1/3 - 1/2 tsp
Ginger: 1/2 inch

Continue this drink for 10 days and after that give a gap of 2-3 days and then continue for another week.

Try having this early morning empty stomach and before going to bed. Try and Share your experience!

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Super Weight Loss Chapati | Indian Diet Plan | Weight Loss | Diabetic

We all Indians love chapatis in our Indian Diet Plan but we all might don't know that whole wheat has Gluten which leads to weight gain.
Some of the side effects caused by wheat can be due to gluten. ...

High Carbohydrate Content. The high carb content of wheat bread and wheat-based products can be problematic if your have diabetes or insulin resistance or are trying to lose weight. ...
High Glycemic Index. ...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome...

When we want to lose weight, we should try this super weight loss chapati which can make us lose upto 5kgs in a month with 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise like brisk walk, yoga, swimming or aerobics.
Recipe for Super Weight Loss Chapati.

  • Take 1 cup of whole wheat flour
  • 8 tbsp of Oats in a dry pan
  • 1 tbsp of Sesame Seeds
  • 1 tbsp of Flaxseeds
  • Dry roast oats, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and grind them to dry powder.

Mix this with whole wheat flour and make a dough and you are ready to make healthy, fiber rich and protein enriched chapati for healthy weight loss. This chapati is ideal for Diabetic patient also as it controls the sugar level.

Benefits of Added Ingredients:
  1. Oats: the body digests oats at a slower pace, keeping blood sugar levels steady, energy up, and hunger away. It helps you time carbs right: When it comes to weight loss
  2. Sesame Seeds: Boost your energy levels and get great skin and hair by including sesame seeds in your diet. These tiny seeds are loaded with nutrients like fibre, proteins, vitamins, iron and omega -3.
  3. Ground flaxseed is a good supporting player in a weight loss diet. It provides fiber, which helps you feel full and offers other weight-loss benefits. It's also one of the top sources of omega-3 fatty acids and lignan, which may facilitate your effort to drop excess pounds.
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Sabudana Vadas | Vrat Special Recipes


1 cup of sago seeds. Wash, drain and let them soak in little water over night
1 medium size potato
A handful of peanuts, roasted and crushed
2-3 green chillies, finely chopped
Coriander leaves, finely chopped
1 tsp salt
1tsp red chillies
Half tsp amchoor


1. Mix the sago and one medium size potato together in a pan.
2. Mix crushed peanuts, chillies and all the other spices.
3. Roll out flat vadas out of the entire mix
2. Grill vadas using 1 tsp oil on a non stick pan for 5-10 mins.

Tips to Make Fasting Healthy

It's that time of the year again! Navratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated twice in a year. People from all over the world celebrate Navratri with enthusiasm and fervor. While some take part in the festivities for religious reasons, others look to give their body a much required detox and lose weight. If you plan to fast this Navratri ensure that it is done the healthy way. It can help you detoxify, cleanse your mind and will leave you feeling great!

1. Eat small meals and do not starve yourself. This will help maintain blood glucose levels and prevent you from feeling low.

2. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids like coconut water, lemon water, green tea and buttermilk.

3. Combine high carbohydrates like potatoes and sabudana(widely used in fasting) with other fibrous vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, capsicum, bottle guard, etc. Also try to bake, roast or grill vegetables instead of deep-frying them.

4. Amaranth is the best protein source you can include during fasting. Make amaranth porridge with milk or cook it as namkeen dalia with lots of vegetables.

5. Kuttu is a brilliant combination of carbohydrates (70-75%) and protein(20-25%). Use it to make chapatti instead of gorging on puris.

6. Samak rice are extremely easy to digest and can be consumed in any kind of quantity.

7. Curb those evil sugar cravings by eating a lot of fruits raita, dates, apple kheer, samakrice kheer.

8. Try and adopt healthy snacking and don't binge on namkeens packets as they are high in salt and fat content.

9. Instead, opt for roasted makhana, mix of nuts (almonds/raisins/walnut)/ baked chips, roasted peanuts, etc.)

10. Substitute sugar with jaggery or honey.

11. Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Rapid Fat Loss

Green coffee bean extract is a great way to kickstart your weight management goals and lifestyle changes. It controls cravings and overeating - You can finally feel full and satisfied after eating even a small meal, get that extra boost you need to get your weight management into high gear, start seeing the inches and pounds fall off today. Include pure green coffee bean extract  in your weight loss program to break down those fat cells at the source. They effectively burn both sugar and fat and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. 

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Avoid Foods Completely When You Are on a Weight Loss

When you are on a Weight Loss Program, Diet plays an important role. Selecting right food and avoiding wrong foods will make a quick difference to your weight as well as fat loss. As rightly said 80% is your diet and 20% is exercise which contributes to a healthy weight loss and fit body!

Foods rich in carbohydrates
• All kinds of grains, potatoes.
• All products made with grains, namely breads, pizza and pasta.
• Sweet and sugary food items.
• Foods with gluten, msg, and bpa’s.
• Avoid sweeteners like Equal, Sugar free. And others that contain aspartame, sucralose, saccharin.
• Refined oils and margarine.
• Readymade low carb, or zero carb products.
• Sodas and juices.
• Milk
• Alcohol, beer, cocktails, wine
• Pineapples, bananas, mango, papaya, oranges, grapes
• No fruit juices
• Dates, raisins
• Avoid products with MSG

Fat Burning Cardio Workout - 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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Quinoa Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

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Discover Quinoa Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss: 42 Delicious, Quick & Easy Recipes to Help Melt Your Damn Stubborn Fat Away!You'll be introduced to the benefits of quinoa while getting 42 of the best quinoa recipes out there specifically designed for weight loss and a healthier version of yourself. This book is informational, to the point and organized in such a way that you can come back to it again and again for easy reference.

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Best Indian Breakfast Options for Weight Loss

Your weight and health is directly linked to what you eat and your lifestyle habits. For a healthy body you need to manage weight by making conscious effort by adopting these simple habits as your lifestyle. Each one of the following recommendations will help you to shed those extra kilos. Individually, they are helpful, but when you put them all together, you may experience impressive weight-loss results.

To Decrease Weight and get Rid of Obesity you need to make these Lifestyle Changes.
  1. Follow a daily regimen to start your day with lukewarm water and lemon
  2. Do Regular 30-45 minutes Exercise
  3. Do Self Oil Massage Daily
  4. Eat Proper Healthy Meals on Same Time Everyday
  5. Take Your Last Meal by 7:30pm
  6. Avoid Wrong Combination of Foods
  7. Drink Lots of Water
  8. Do Fasting or Detox once a week
  9. Include Important Herbs and Spices in your daily life
  10. Do 5-10 min meditation before you go to sleep
Heavy Meal of the Day (8-11 AM)
Pick any options with Skimmed Milk-200ml, Tea 20ml *(less sugar) / stevia (natural herb)

Pick your options:
  1. Eat Wheat or Mung bean sprouts.
  2. Brown Bread Sandwich with Paneer/Cucumber Onion Tomato
  3. Organic Brown Poha/Upma with lots of Vegetables
  4. Ramdev Fibre Dalia
  5. Organic India Quinoa with lot of vegetables
  6. Onion Roti with Mint Chutney
  7. Suji Idli with Mint Chutney
  8. Wheat Cornflakes with Curd/Milk
  9. Besan/Moon Dal(Green) Chilla
  10. 2 Egg Whites with Vegetable
  11. Salad of raw vegetables such as carrot, beet, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes with steamed or boiled vegetables, whole grain bread or whole wheat chapatis (Indian bread)
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Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – Abdominal Exercises

Belly fat is the most irritating accumulation of fat around the abdomen region. The most frequent problems faced by people with belly fat are high #cholesterol, #heart #stroke, #hypertension, #heart #attack, #diabetes and many others. This #belly #fat is very #stubborn and to shed and will often take many months or years to vanish. You either need to go to the gym, do ab exercises and crunches or choose to do cardiovascular exercises along with a weight loss diet such as a simple 1200 calorie diet plan. But many of us don’t like to sweat it out in the gym, and the best and easy way to deal with your belly fat would be #yoga #exercises with right #breathing.

Deep breathing exercise is the best exercise to reduce belly fat which helps you in shaping up in a relaxed manner. One can eliminate the fat present on top of the abdominal muscles with these breathing exercises.


Importance of Breathing in Burning Fat

Fat is one of the three main #macronutrients, along with carbohydrate and protein. Fats, also known as #triglycerides, are esters of three fatty acid chains and the alcohol glycerol.

Triglycerides are the type of fat stored on the body that is carried into the blood by the foods we eat. #Triglycerides are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – simple right?

When fats break down, the hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water (H2O), which is excreted through the urine, sweat, and feces. The remaining carbon is breathed out of the body as carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Now interesting fact is that 4/5ths of the triglyceride molecule is broken down into carbon dioxide, and only 1/5th is broken down into water. This leaves the lion’s share (4/5ths) of the body’s fat to be removed by breathing out CO2.

So there is no doubt that deep exhalations during exercise play an important role in the removal of CO2. Improving the efficiency of breathing may play an important role in the excretion of CO2 (fat) during exercise.

The primary organ of fat removal in the body is the lungs.In fact, according to the study, when 10kg of fat in the form of triglycerides is lost, 8.4kg of that fat is exhaled through the lungs.

So people start focusing on your breath when you are exercising next!
Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in CO2 released during nose breathing (nasal breathing) compared to mouth breathing.

Last but not the least, along with right breathing and exercise, your calorie check would play an important role in your weight loss. High-calorie and high-glycemic foods will force the body to store far more triglycerides than we can breathe out in a 24-hour period. So Watch Out!

If you wish to watch out this interesting video. 

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Take Care!
Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!


Indian GM Diet Plan

Obsessed with losing weight? Tell me who isn’t!
Here is a secret diet plan to slim down your body and cut down your weight in just 7 days! This is the best vegetarian diet to lose weight.

This 7 day vegetarian diet plan was developed for the well being of General Motors Inc. employees. That is the reason it is called the GM Diet Plan. The aim of the program is to gain a healthy body.

You can expect the following things by practicing this Diet Plan regime:
  • Lose around 4 to 6 kilograms in 7 days 
  • Natural glow to skin 
  • Elimination of toxins will make you feel light and energetic 
  • Reduces the flab around the tummy and waist 

This Diet Plan includes the intake of fruits, vegetables and starch. To prepare yourself for the vegetarian GM diet plan, you need to avoid alcohol for a few days. This is a very important tip you need to follow. Alcohol increases the uric acid in the body, which leads to water retention. This blocks the natural detoxifying process from taking place.

So are you motivated for 7 days complete detoxification with GM Diet?

Day 1:
Being the first day, it is always the hardest. Try to keep yourself away from all kinds of cravings as you will be consuming only fruits. You can consume all the fruits, excluding grapes, bananas, litchi and mangoes. You can have them in any quantity you like. It is suggested that you consume more watermelon, lime, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons. You can eat 20 times a day, but you should eat only fruits.

This is the way of preparing your body for the upcoming days. The only source of nutrition is from the fruits, they provide you will all that you need for your body. If you prefer to cut them up and eat, its great but make sure you aren’t adding anything else to it. Its just a ‘pure fruit for me’ day! If you can limit your fruit intake to only melons, your have a good chance of losing 3 pounds on your first day.

Day 2:
Like the first day, the second day is ‘All veggies day’. You can eat nothing but vegetables and only vegetables. You can eat to your heart’s content, feel your stomach filled up with vegetables if you need to. Boiled or raw vegetables will do. You can even begin your day with a boiled potato and a tea spoon of butter. This is done in order to give the body enough energy and carbohydrates for the day. But after that only raw and boiled vegetables.

Only one potato this day is enough, don’t consume more than that. Adding a pinch of oregano or basil seasoning to make the vegetables more edible is perfect. Day 2 is a calorie free day with a good amount of fibre and nutrients. If you make it through day two, you are definitely dedicated!

 Day 3:
Day 3 is a combination of day 1 and 2. You can eat the mentioned fruits and vegetables. Eat any quantity and any amount you like and drink lots of water as directed. You need to avoid potatoes on day 3 as you are getting enough carbohydrates supply from the fruits. Your system is all set to burn the excess pounds. Your cravings may try to dominate, but think about the weight loss and the great results. You will feel light and happy by this time.

 Day 4:
Everything has its perfect time, if you believe in this saying then your right. Remember how you were told not to eat bananas on the first three days? Well on the 4th day of the vegetarian diet for losing weight, you have the liberty to eat up to 6 bananas for the whole day. You can drink up to 4 glasses of milk. You must have heard that bananas help in weight gain, however in this diet, they act as a source of potassium and sodium for the body. Since the intake of salt is reduced, bananas will do the job.

You can also have one cup of a highly diluted soup for a meal. The soup should consist of capsicum, onions, garlic and tomatoes. It is a tasty and healthy recipe which will help in the weight loss process. You can drink it only 1 time a day, it is only to refresh your taste buds from all the vegetable and fruit intake. Be careful to resist yourself. You are just 3 days away from a losing weight!

 Day 5:
Day 5 is a festival day for you, as you can have a tasty meal. You can munch on tomatoes, sprouts and cottage cheese, also known as paneer in India. You can also add soya chunks to you meal. Make a tasty soup with the mentioned ingredients and drink it. Make sure to increase your water intake on day 5.

You can eat up to 6 tomatoes and increase the water intake with 1/4 of the daily consumption. This is done in order to cleanse your body from uric acid. The tomatoes are for the fibre and digestion process. The water will purify your body from all kinds of toxins.

Day 6:
Day 6 is a little different to day 5. You will be eating sprouts, cottage cheese and other vegetables but by excluding tomatoes. No tomatoes on day 6, avoid them. The tasty soup and lots of water should help you through your day. Vegetables will provide vitamins and fibre to your body. You will already notice change in your body by this time. Continue consuming a good amount of water everyday.

Day 7:
The last and final day of the diet plan. This is the most important day. You will be feeling light on your toes and happy inside out. You can have fresh fruit juice, one cup of brown rice or half chapathi and other vegetables you would want to eat. You can complete your day with the consumption of water.

That is the whole diet plan for 7 days.
If you can follow it strictly, no one can stop you from gaining a healthy and slimmer body.

The below tips will help you to plan your 7 days effectively.
  • No fruit juices allowed in the first 6 days. 
  • Try to increase water intake to 15 glasses by the fifth day 
  • Completely avoid tea coffee or alcohol. You can replace these with black tea, black coffee and lime water (all these are without sugar) 
  • A 45 minute work out on alternative days will help you get the best results. 
  • In case this weight loss program you are under taking is for a particular occasion, try it 2 months before hand with 2 to 3 days gap after every 7 days. 
  • Vegetables can be taken in salad form or eaten as a whole. You can dress it with squeezed lemon, herbs, garlic or even white or wine vinegar. Nothing else should be added to this. 
  • The soup recipe given can be consumed in unlimited quantities. It will be a pleasure to eat while you are following this diet regime. In case you do not like the ingredients, you can add other vegetables like cauliflower, corn, peas, asparagus, cabbage and others. try to stay away from all type of beans (kidney, lima, pinto etc) they are said to be high in calories. 
  • Have a balanced diet with a daily dose of multivitamins and mineral supplements

The GM diet has become the most popular diet which is practiced by Indians.
Don’t wait any longer! Take up this 7 day challenge and you will be a happier and slimmer person next week!

Spiced Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

Cool Tip:
 Caffeine and an antioxidant called catechin are thought to stimulate your nervous system and increase fat-burning, so green tea can help you shed pounds and trim your waist.

Green tea is one of the top fat-burning foods, thanks to a metabolism-boosting compound known as EGCG.

This rich smoothie is perfect if you get tired of sipping hot green tea. Flavored with cayenne spices, lemon, and agave nectar, it provides all the nutritional benefits of green tea and will fill you up, to boot.

Spiced Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

3/4 cup strong green tea, chilled
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Juice of 1 lemon (2-3 TBSP)
2 teaspoons agave nectar
1 small pear, skin on, cut into pieces
2 tablespoons fat-free plain yogurt
6-8 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Drink cold.

This Recipe Is
Low Calorie
Low Cholesterol
Low Fat
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium


Indian Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

The Indian low carb diet aims at high protein, good fat and complex carbs in your diet and calls for minimum or no intake of simple carbs like that coming from corn syrups, sugars, cane sugars, honey, bread, pastas, noodles, chapatis, rice etc...

The complex carbs are rather healthy for the body and yes even allowed in the Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

As you can clearly see that the majority of calories come from carbs, to plan an Indian low carb diet is a little challenging, as we need to provide calories through proteins and fats. We cannot over do the fats of course, so it leaves us with the only option of meeting the calorie requirements through proteins. Each of these nutrients provide different amount of calories.

1 gm carb provides 4 kcals
1 gm protein provides 4 kcals
1 gm fat provides 9 kcal

As you can see, fats provide a lot of calories; the consumption should be kept to the minimum. While carbs and proteins provide similar calories, they both have different important functions in the human body.

Here are some foods that you can include in your Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

Foods to include in Indian Low Carb Diet :-

Almonds – Roasted Almonds for mid time snacking.
Nuts and seeds – Roasted soybean, Roasted Bengal gram dal, roasted flax seeds, roasted sunflower seeds for mid time snacking.
Rajma / Kidney beans – there are a lot of dishes you can make using Kidney beans
Mexican salsa with chopped veggies
Rajma tikki (griddle cake ) with coriander or curd and mint leaves dip/ chutney
Boiled kidney bean salad
Baked kidney beans with little cheese.
Mung Dal- Mung Dal chilla / savory pan cakes using yellow or green split mung Dal . (you can add chopped veggies , coriander or even stuff it with paneer to add to taste and fiber )
Mung Dal with veggies
Mung Dal soup
Mogar (a famous Rajasthani preparation made with Palak and Mung Dal )
Panner / cottage cheese - Paneer bhurji with veggies (cook in very little oil)
Paneer tikka (marinate with only curd and needed spices , and grill without any oil)
Cubed panner salad
Palak panner veggie (home made with little or no oil)
Sauteed paneer chilly in minimum olive oil
Smoothies – Use any low carb fruit like apple, strawberries, pears (avoid – banana, mango, chikku, custard apple )
Salted lassi
Flavor yogurt
As dressings on salads
Red channa-Boiled red channa salad with cucumber , tomatoes and onion.
Pressure cooked red channa with tomato gravy (cooked in little or no oil).
Mix sprouts salads
Mix sprouts dosa / pan cake
Mix sprout usal cooked in little or no oil
Mix sprouts bhel with little puffer rice.
Skimmed Milk, hot or cold as you like it
Soy bean
Soy milk and tofu
Roasted soy bean
Soy bean chunks or granules with homemade gravies in less oil
Egg white
Boiled , scrambled or poached
Omelets with veggies
Steamed , broiled, baked or grilled form.
In salads and brown bread sandwiches
Steamed, broiled, baked or grilled

Now that you now what foods to eat in an Indian low carb diet, Here are some tips on how you can adapt an Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

Simple Tips

Choose Complex Carbs:Indian low carb diet calls for giving up on consumption of simple carbs and include more of complex carbs through whole grains like brown rice, oats, whole wheat, barley, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat breads. These whole grains are complex carbs containing plenty of fiber. Intake of these foods will facilitate the weight loss process.

Increase Protein Intake:Proteins help to get the feeling of satiety. They stabilize the blood sugar level and control your cravings. You can include more of low fat dairy products, lean meats, beans, legumes and a total of around 50 gram protein per day.

Go High on High Fiber Food:Having raw salads with your meals and with a good amount of fruits will ensure an increased fibre intake in the diet. Green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals and they help in certain health conditions like blood pressure and diabetes. Being high in fibre, they also aid in weight loss. Besides fruits and veggies, you can add flax seeds, fenugreek (methi) seeds, sprouts and whole grains to your meals.

Watch Your Fat:You need to avoid all Trans fats. This means that you have to stay away from fast foods and deep fried foods like fries, cutlets, cheese sticks and pakodas. Try to consume the monounsaturated fats (present in olive oil, peanut oil and mustard seed oil) as they help in limiting your carb intake and in bringing the feeling of satiety. Avoid saturated fats (present in butter, ghee and margarine).

Do Regular Exercises: After years and years of researches, experts have claimed that any person who is regular in his exercise has an overall better health in comparison to a person who doesn’t exercise. Exercise helps in maintaining a good body weight, it keeps blood sugar levels under control and aids in the better functioning of the heart and other organs. You can increase your carb allowance window by exercising.

* Note – You are allowed 1 Glass of Red Wine

You Should Include Multivitamins & Minerals, Omega Supplements, Calcium and Prebiotics For Better and Healthy Results whenever you are on weight loss diet

In my experience of 10 years now i have noticed that an Indian low carb diet works to give good weight loss results only if the person includes exercises in his schedule while following the diet.


Manage Your GM Diet With GM Diet App

The GM Diet Plan is an easy way to Lose Weight In Just 7 DaysThis amazing GM Diet Plan App will help you with the process.

This GM Diet App gives a complete breakdown of the foods to eat on all the 7 days for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacking.

GM Diet Objectives & Philosophy:
- Achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy BMI ratio
- Detoxify the body completely
- Prevent problems like hypertension & arthritis

Day 1: You should eat only fruits on this day. Please download the GM Diet App to view the list of fruits to eat.

Day 2: You should eat only vegetables on this day. Please download the GM Diet App to view the list of vegetables to eat.

Day 3: You can eat both fruits and vegetables on this day. Please download the GM Diet App to view the list of fruits & vegetables to eat.

Day 4: You should eat only bananas and drink milk on this day. Download the Diet Plan App for detailed instructions.

Day 5: A feast day - you can eat solid food on this day. Please refer the GM Diet App for detailed food instructions.

Day 6: This is another feast day with high water intake. Please refer the GM App for detailed instructions.

Day 7: The perfect way to end by eating vegetables, solid food and juices. Please download the GM Diet Plan App for instructions.

The above plan will change slightly for those who prefer Non vegetarian foods. Please checkout the App for the detailed instructions if your prefer to follow the GM Diet Non Veg Plan.

What you will get in this GM Diet App:

a. Foods to consume on all the 7 days in the GM Diet plan
b. Breakup of foods based on the time of the day - Breakfast, Snack, Lunch & Dinner
c. GM Diet plan customized for Non vegetarians


Thought of the Day!

Green Tea-Boost Your Metabolism

Drink green tea before bed to burn calories while sleeping. Green tea will also increase your metabolism.
Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Learn more about Benefits of Green Tea


Quick 30 minutes Yoga Exercises for Better Flexibility

Yoga is very good for your overall wellness. Try this 30 minutes workout for one week to improve your body flexibility, tone your body muscles and start to burn fat.

Detox Tea for Weight Loss

Drink Home Made Detox Tea through out the day
It includes a combination of ingredients that help to improve digestion, break down fat, and “unclog” the channels in our body by removing toxins.
  • Boil 4 to 5 cups of water in the morning.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of the following seeds to the water and continue to let it boil for about 5 minutes with the lid on.
  • Whole cumin seeds
  • Whole coriander seeds
  • Whole fennel seeds
Strain out the seeds and pour the liquid into a thermos. The key is to make the tea fresh every morning, place it in a thermos, and take small sips of it throughout the day. It is best to drink it warm or hot. If the tea is too strong or if you experience some initial discomfort, reduce the amount of seeds to 1/4 teaspoon for 2 weeks, and then increase it back to 1/2 teaspoon.

After this empty your bladder and bowels to release toxics and waste from the body. Massage body with warm oil (pitta:coconut, vata:sesame, kapha: almond). After 30 mins take bath. Do yoga and meditation and eat healthy breakfast.