Indian Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

The Indian low carb diet aims at high protein, good fat and complex carbs in your diet and calls for minimum or no intake of simple carbs like that coming from corn syrups, sugars, cane sugars, honey, bread, pastas, noodles, chapatis, rice etc...

The complex carbs are rather healthy for the body and yes even allowed in the Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

As you can clearly see that the majority of calories come from carbs, to plan an Indian low carb diet is a little challenging, as we need to provide calories through proteins and fats. We cannot over do the fats of course, so it leaves us with the only option of meeting the calorie requirements through proteins. Each of these nutrients provide different amount of calories.

1 gm carb provides 4 kcals
1 gm protein provides 4 kcals
1 gm fat provides 9 kcal

As you can see, fats provide a lot of calories; the consumption should be kept to the minimum. While carbs and proteins provide similar calories, they both have different important functions in the human body.

Here are some foods that you can include in your Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

Foods to include in Indian Low Carb Diet :-

Almonds – Roasted Almonds for mid time snacking.
Nuts and seeds – Roasted soybean, Roasted Bengal gram dal, roasted flax seeds, roasted sunflower seeds for mid time snacking.
Rajma / Kidney beans – there are a lot of dishes you can make using Kidney beans
Mexican salsa with chopped veggies
Rajma tikki (griddle cake ) with coriander or curd and mint leaves dip/ chutney
Boiled kidney bean salad
Baked kidney beans with little cheese.
Mung Dal- Mung Dal chilla / savory pan cakes using yellow or green split mung Dal . (you can add chopped veggies , coriander or even stuff it with paneer to add to taste and fiber )
Mung Dal with veggies
Mung Dal soup
Mogar (a famous Rajasthani preparation made with Palak and Mung Dal )
Panner / cottage cheese - Paneer bhurji with veggies (cook in very little oil)
Paneer tikka (marinate with only curd and needed spices , and grill without any oil)
Cubed panner salad
Palak panner veggie (home made with little or no oil)
Sauteed paneer chilly in minimum olive oil
Smoothies – Use any low carb fruit like apple, strawberries, pears (avoid – banana, mango, chikku, custard apple )
Salted lassi
Flavor yogurt
As dressings on salads
Red channa-Boiled red channa salad with cucumber , tomatoes and onion.
Pressure cooked red channa with tomato gravy (cooked in little or no oil).
Mix sprouts salads
Mix sprouts dosa / pan cake
Mix sprout usal cooked in little or no oil
Mix sprouts bhel with little puffer rice.
Skimmed Milk, hot or cold as you like it
Soy bean
Soy milk and tofu
Roasted soy bean
Soy bean chunks or granules with homemade gravies in less oil
Egg white
Boiled , scrambled or poached
Omelets with veggies
Steamed , broiled, baked or grilled form.
In salads and brown bread sandwiches
Steamed, broiled, baked or grilled

Now that you now what foods to eat in an Indian low carb diet, Here are some tips on how you can adapt an Indian low carb diet for weight loss.

Simple Tips

Choose Complex Carbs:Indian low carb diet calls for giving up on consumption of simple carbs and include more of complex carbs through whole grains like brown rice, oats, whole wheat, barley, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat breads. These whole grains are complex carbs containing plenty of fiber. Intake of these foods will facilitate the weight loss process.

Increase Protein Intake:Proteins help to get the feeling of satiety. They stabilize the blood sugar level and control your cravings. You can include more of low fat dairy products, lean meats, beans, legumes and a total of around 50 gram protein per day.

Go High on High Fiber Food:Having raw salads with your meals and with a good amount of fruits will ensure an increased fibre intake in the diet. Green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals and they help in certain health conditions like blood pressure and diabetes. Being high in fibre, they also aid in weight loss. Besides fruits and veggies, you can add flax seeds, fenugreek (methi) seeds, sprouts and whole grains to your meals.

Watch Your Fat:You need to avoid all Trans fats. This means that you have to stay away from fast foods and deep fried foods like fries, cutlets, cheese sticks and pakodas. Try to consume the monounsaturated fats (present in olive oil, peanut oil and mustard seed oil) as they help in limiting your carb intake and in bringing the feeling of satiety. Avoid saturated fats (present in butter, ghee and margarine).

Do Regular Exercises: After years and years of researches, experts have claimed that any person who is regular in his exercise has an overall better health in comparison to a person who doesn’t exercise. Exercise helps in maintaining a good body weight, it keeps blood sugar levels under control and aids in the better functioning of the heart and other organs. You can increase your carb allowance window by exercising.

* Note – You are allowed 1 Glass of Red Wine

You Should Include Multivitamins & Minerals, Omega Supplements, Calcium and Prebiotics For Better and Healthy Results whenever you are on weight loss diet

In my experience of 10 years now i have noticed that an Indian low carb diet works to give good weight loss results only if the person includes exercises in his schedule while following the diet.