Avoid Foods Completely When You Are on a Weight Loss

When you are on a Weight Loss Program, Diet plays an important role. Selecting right food and avoiding wrong foods will make a quick difference to your weight as well as fat loss. As rightly said 80% is your diet and 20% is exercise which contributes to a healthy weight loss and fit body!

Foods rich in carbohydrates
• All kinds of grains, potatoes.
• All products made with grains, namely breads, pizza and pasta.
• Sweet and sugary food items.
• Foods with gluten, msg, and bpa’s.
• Avoid sweeteners like Equal, Sugar free. And others that contain aspartame, sucralose, saccharin.
• Refined oils and margarine.
• Readymade low carb, or zero carb products.
• Sodas and juices.
• Milk
• Alcohol, beer, cocktails, wine
• Pineapples, bananas, mango, papaya, oranges, grapes
• No fruit juices
• Dates, raisins
• Avoid products with MSG