Special Diet Plan for Navratra

To approach these nine days, and every other aspect of life in a celebratory way is most important. If you approach everything in a celebratory way, you learn to be non-serious about life but absolutely involved. (Sadhguru)

Fasting for Nine Days is about being in your conscious state of mind. So to be in that conscious state you need to choose your diet accordingly.

Fasting doesn't mean to eat aimlessly. Fasting means to eat pure simple saatvik food so that your body and mind is in sync to celebrate the feminine nature of the Divine. Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati are symbols of three dimensions of the feminine. They also represent the three basic qualities of existence – tamas, rajas, and sattva. Tamas means inertia. Rajas means activity, passion. Sattva, in a way, is the breaking of boundaries, dissolution, melting and merging.

To approach these nine days, and every other aspect of life in a celebratory way is most important. So lets celebrate these nine days with simple saatvik diet.

Start your day with lukewarm lemon water and honey.
Meditate for 10 minutes with Devi Mantras
After Bath and Offering Prayers 
Have a handful of nuts and banana

Chia Porridge

Meal 1: Chia Porridge with Greek Yogurt, and Almonds

Option2: Saboodana Porridge

Option1 : Chia Porridge with Greek Yogurt, and Almonds
1. Soak a teaspoon of Chia seeds in half a cup of coconut milk or heavy fat cream, add the sweetener of your choice and forget about it for eight hours.

2. You can also add unsweetened cocoa to this mixture.

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For the Greek Yogurt
1. Just hang 250 ml of full fat yogurt in a cheese or muslin cloth and forget about it till the morning. In the morning add sweetener to it, and some cardamom powder if you like.

When you are ready to eat, in a bowl serve yourself the chia porridge, add the Greek yogurt on the top and sprinkle 6 chopped almonds on it. Enjoy your super-powered protein breakfast!

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Option2: Saboodana Porridge
Wash the sabudana in running water few times till the water is clear.
Depending on the type of the sabudana, soak for 15 to 20 minutes (if small) and overnight (if they are large)
In boiling milk add the sabudana till it turns translucent.
Switch off the gas.
Garnish with elachi and almonds.

Mid Meal : Buttermilk/Coconut Water/Orange/Beetroot Juice


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Meal 2: Option 1: Cottage Cheese with Salad and Curd

Option 2: Boiled Potato Chaat with Curd
Option 3: Saboodana Khichdi with Curd

Option 1: Cottage Cheese with Salad and Curd

Capsicum and Cottage Cheese made in Ghee
1. Chop up Paneer or Cottage Cheese and keep it aside.
2. Chop capsicum in long juliennes.
3. Heat the ghee in a wok and drop half a teaspoon of zeera or cumin seeds in it.
4. Add turmeric, coriander and chilly powder to it and cook on medium heat for a five to ten minutes.
5. You can also carry this to work.

Salad: Mix Cucumber, Shredded Betroot, Grapes and Chillies. Add Sendha Namak and Red Chilli Powder

Option 2: Boiled Potato Chaat with Curd
Mash 2 medium sized boiled potatoes, add roasted peanuts, fresh coriander leaves, chopped green chillies. Add salt(sendha namak) to taste and squeeze half a lemon and have it with jeera powder curd.

Saboodana Khichdi
Option 3: Saboodana Khichdi with Curd
A plate of garmagaram sabudana khichdi eaten with some chilled sweetened yogurt can taste so good that it unfair to limit this delicious preparation to just fasting days.

Soaked sabudana pearls stir-fried with crushed peanuts, boiled potatoes, chillies, cumin seeds, coconut and fresh coriander – all ingredients that are 100 percent permitted during a fast. 

Wash sabudana two to three times and then soak in one-cup water for three to four hours. Sabudana grains should be separate and moist. Roast peanuts on a hot griddle, peel off the skin and then grind coarsely.

Step 2

Wash green chillies, remove stem and then chop finely. Peel and wash the potato and cut into half cm. cubes. Wash and chop coriander leaves.

Step 3

Heat ghee in a pan, add curry leaves, cumin seeds and chopped green chillies. When cumin seeds crackle add the potato cubes.

Step 4

Cook till the potatoes are done. Add sabudana, scraped coconut and ground peanuts, sauté for four to five minutes, stirring well.

Step 5

Sprinkle a little water, add salt and lime juice. Mix well. Remove from heat. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves.

Step 6

Serve hot.

Evening Snack (optional)
Cup of Indian Masala Tea / Green Tea with 4-5 Cashews/Almonds/ Makhana Roasted/Bowl of Fruits

Night (optional)
Golden Milk with 4-5 Almonds.
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