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Diet Myths! Learn How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off!

Here are the top biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about weight loss.
  • All “Calories” Are Equal. ...
  • Losing Weight is a Linear Process. ...
  • Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight. ...
  • Obesity is About Willpower, Not Biology. ...
  • “Eat Less, Move More” is Good Advice. ...
  • Carbs Make You Fat. ...
  • Fat Makes You Fat.
  • People With Obesity Are Unhealthy, Thin People are Healthy
  • Weight Loss Diets Actually Work
  • “Diet” Foods Can Help You Lose Weight
Weight Loss is a lifestyle disease. To address this you need to make changes to your lifestyle permanently. We don't need to follow strict diets or any diets to lose weight. Every Individual is different and everybody is different, There are many reasons which contribute to weight gain.
  • Wrong Eating Habits
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Skipping Meals
  • Starvation to Lose Weight In an Unhealthy Way
  • Following anything or Everything to Lose Weight
  • Avoiding Good Fats to Burn Fat
  • Intake of Too Much of High Carb Rich Food
  • No Balanced Meals
  • No Discipline in Eating Food
  • No Understanding of the Right Science behind the Weight Loss.

    Go through this video to understand the common mistakes we do and what we need to make changes so that we just don't lose mind to lose weight but also understand how we can keep that weight off even after losing it!

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